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1) Lately, I find myself wanting to read fics of fandoms I'm not really that into. Mostly, Castle and The Big Bang Theory )

2) Fringe )

3) Still rewatching Farscape and Friends. HEARTS FOREVER.

4) The other day at the office during lunch someone mentioned how they didn't bring their books with them when they moved and so they didn't have any books AT ALL since then. More than three years ago. I mentally clutched my pearls in a very dramatic fashion. On a related note, there aren't as many torrents for ebooks as I thought there would be so... does anyone know where to get them? HELP ME, FLIST, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE.

5) PSA: Livejournal has *finally* implemented a cut for spoilers )
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1) I'm still rewatching Farscape. I've finished the first season and GUYS, FARSCAPE )

2) There's terrible, depressing shit currently going on against women in many, many countries. Hence, THE TOTALLY IMPROMPTU FESTIVAL OF AWESOME LADIES.

3) What's going on with Gillian Anderson lately? She's everywhere, doing things that have nothing to do with promoting her movies/tvshows, and she's become super!talkative and comfortable with the press (past girlfriends!!!!!11). I mean, it's about time after close to 20 years on the spotlight, but I still find it very disconcerting. Awesome, but disconcerting.

4) The Hunger Games doesn't premiere here until the 20th of April, even in cinemas where they don't show the dubbed version. BLEH. I hate whoever's responsible for this. Also, Tumblr for getting me all excited about it.

5) Also in my Tumblr dashboard: TWW love. I approve wholeheartedly.

6) Very brief thoughts on tv-shows: TGW, Community, TBBT, OUaT )and a Fringe thought with small spoilers )

7) You'd think I'd be over getting all-capsy over this show by now, but NO --> GUYS, THE X-FILES )
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Long time, no see.

1) Months after it leaked, I finally read the script for the pilot of Sorkin's new show. He may do the same thing over and over again, but he does it better than anyone else. I'm really, really glad it's getting done in HBO.

2) I've been rather obesessed with focused on Criminal Minds. Luckily for you, instead of vomiting all my ~FEELINGS~ and many thoughts about the show over here, the lovely [personal profile] bowlerhatgirl has enabled me in many mails and a ridiculous long thread of comments in my previous post. You really should thank her.

Very generic thoughts, most of them on the latest casting news )

3-5, aka TV stuff )

6) I feel it's my duty to share this with the world. I also need someone to put it in practice and record it/tell me all about it. You are welcome.
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The first time I started to write a new post was to deal with ALL THE FEELINGS the Warehouse 13 finale brought on. As I tend to do, I ended up using comments on other people's journals to deal with those, so no post on Warehouse 13.


Then I decided that I needed a new show to watch even though this year I'm watching more than ever (and yet I still have nothing for Wednesdays). My shortlist had Raising Hope (short, light, Martha Plimpton!), Criminal Minds (long, not much thinking required, and they ended up bringing back the cool female characters people with good taste liked), The Walking Dead (all the cool kids are doing it) and Nikita (mindless entertainment and I saw a very angsty gif) so I was going to ask for recs.

Again, that didn't happen. I ended up watching Criminal Minds mostly because links for the first 6 seasons appeared on my flist (which I took that as a signal from TPTB) and it's been in the short list for a while now. I'm finishing the second season and I have a couple of thoughts )

Lately, I'm a bit in love with Anna Torv's face and what she does with it. I believe Tumblr's to blame, but it's not as if it's something new or I weren't easy as hell.

Anyhow, I had a third reason to post which was the following meme robbed from [profile] samej_eh:

Comment saying "Sternocleidomastoid" and I will tell you the following:

1. Something random about you.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What random character I associate with you.
5. My favorite thing about you.
6. What fandom I associate with you.
7. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

This has been in my head the whole damn week.
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I have a Tumblr account.

I'm not sure how it happened as I've been restraining myself from getting an account for months (with the old arguments of "no, you don't need somewhere else to waste your life away" and "it's just a new source of unwanted spoilers"). And yet, Sunday morning, still half-sleep drinking my coffee in front of my laptop, and BAM, account created. It has made me start tinkering again in Photoshop , though I'm still not sure if that's a good or a bad thing . We'll see.

TV shows! They are back!! Super brief comments on almost everything:

- The Good Wife was amazing ).

- Community )

- Doctor Who )

- Castle and The Big Bang Theory were their usual selves. How I Met Your Mother cracked me up )

- Lost Girl has become surprisingly less sucky, almost regularly entertaining )

- I'm watching Up All Night. It feels a bit like a waste of Maya Rudolph, but I'm giving it time. The fact that it has Will Arnett playing someone normal and interacting regularly with a baby doesn't hurt. Also, his voice. GUH. And I've always liked Christina Applegate.

- Park and Recreation keeps being glorious. Every. Single. Week. More so when it has Amazing guest stars.

- Modern Family. I still think it's quite overrated )

- The Olivia Show Fringe. FEELINGS )

- I've also finally caught up with Downton Abbey ).

tl;dr ---> Watch The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation

And while I wait for DA's download, here's a video of nuns learning self-defense (spoiler alert: they use rosaries as defense tools and crucifixes to ~finish their enemies)
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~ How awesome was the first episode of Leverage this week? Very, very awesome. )

~ Warehouse 13. This week's ep was ok, but last week's was AMAZING. Everything is better with H.G. )

~ I've started (and almost finished) Modern Family. It has a great Pilot, but the rest of the time it barely entertains me. I mean, it has its moments, but I would not miss it if I stopped watching. Gloria does amuse me quite a bit, if only for the accent and the rants in Spanish. Phil 's too much like a domestic Michael Scott to really amuse me.

~ Everything that has been going on in Madrid these days makes me terribly sad. There's such lack of respect from absolutely everyone...


Aug. 5th, 2011 12:05 am
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~ So, I have two weeks of holidays and my holidays plans fell through. I have decided that spending said time playing "Dragon Age: Origins" is a more than acceptable substitute. Clearly my life is going in the right direction. ALSO, HAI CLAUDIA BLACK, AS I MISS YOU GREATLY ON MY TV, YOUR VOICE IN VIDEO GAMES WILL HAVE TO DO FOR NOW

~ A friend of mine recced a couple of Batman comics to me, "The Long Halloween", which left me very unimpressed and not liking Batman any better, and "Year One", which I did like. I still think Batman is just not my cup of tea, so, anyone has any comic recs? What should I read? Other than those two, I've only read a couple of graphic novels (Sandman, Watchmen, a couple of others) and tv shows related comics...

~ Leverage. There's not a single episode where I don't think the beginning (the intro and when they show who's been ~wronged) is the corniest thing ever. Then the episode happens and I enjoy it so much I forget its corniness till the next week. It's all in the family dynamics; give me a show that fully embraces family dynamics, and I'm sold.

~ Which brings me to Warehouse 13! )

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+ I visited Switzerland (and a bit of France). Well, I actually visited [profile] rei_ who happens to be there. I saw bears, bought chocolate and lost a bit of my characteristic pallor. I also saw first-hand how ridiculous being heads over heels in a new relationship can turn an otherwise normal person. This makes me 90% deliriously happy for said person, 10% lonely (80-20, depending on the time of the month; not sure if it's one of my issues or just human nature). Oh, I also butchered the French language like I was getting paid to do it.

+ [profile] cuits wrote me a NCIS fic for the [community profile] help_japan. It's called "Action and Reaction", and it's my new canon as far as Ziva and Tony are concerned. It fixes the clusterfuck that is their characterization in the last season and it makes me (much) less rage-y about the show in general (none of which is an easy feat).

+ Talking about fic, [community profile] the_fic_filter is two posts away from its rec #300. It makes me kind of proud in a very silly way. We are even planning to do something ~different for post #300.

+ Game of Thrones. A couple of very lame thoughts and a question )

+ I've started watching The Wire. It's as good as they say it is. (Also, Broyles! And Henry the taxi driver!!)

+ The [profile] lots_pornbattle is accepting prompts. I'm trying to think of some of them, and turns out the only things that come to mind involve ~feelings. THIS WORRIES ME GREATLY.

+ Good Girls Gone Geek are doing a re-read of The Sandman. This is a fabulous excuse to put to good use the gorgeous Absolute Sandman editions I bought. They put very nicely why everyone should read it and I even offer to share the whole thing if anyone's interested (not my re-reading it, which I may also share, but the comic).

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Fringe feelings. Mixed ones. )

On other non-Fringe related TV news, Parks and Rec continues to be amazing each week and Community was seven kinds of AWESOME (at least three of those seven were thanks to how awesome Annie was).

I've installed Firefox 4 and in it has changed the order of "Open in a new tab" and "Open in a new window" in the context menu. I may end up throwing my laptop through the window, that's how frustrated it's making me.

Most amusing neurological disorder, yes or yes?

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On Fringe )

Parks and Recs was lovely. At the beginning of the ep I didn't think it would be, but they pulled it off beautifully. As I said on twitter, I want Ron Swanson to be my life coach. I also feel like pointing the Castle writers to the ep so they have an example to follow on how you draw subtle parallelisms between the different storylines in an episode. That said, I LOVED the last scene in Castle's last episode.

In book related news, I have read "Bossypants" )

And to finish, here's a video of a little penguin being tickled. You are welcome.

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