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~ How awesome was the first episode of Leverage this week? Very, very awesome. )

~ Warehouse 13. This week's ep was ok, but last week's was AMAZING. Everything is better with H.G. )

~ I've started (and almost finished) Modern Family. It has a great Pilot, but the rest of the time it barely entertains me. I mean, it has its moments, but I would not miss it if I stopped watching. Gloria does amuse me quite a bit, if only for the accent and the rants in Spanish. Phil 's too much like a domestic Michael Scott to really amuse me.

~ Everything that has been going on in Madrid these days makes me terribly sad. There's such lack of respect from absolutely everyone...


Aug. 5th, 2011 12:05 am
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~ So, I have two weeks of holidays and my holidays plans fell through. I have decided that spending said time playing "Dragon Age: Origins" is a more than acceptable substitute. Clearly my life is going in the right direction. ALSO, HAI CLAUDIA BLACK, AS I MISS YOU GREATLY ON MY TV, YOUR VOICE IN VIDEO GAMES WILL HAVE TO DO FOR NOW

~ A friend of mine recced a couple of Batman comics to me, "The Long Halloween", which left me very unimpressed and not liking Batman any better, and "Year One", which I did like. I still think Batman is just not my cup of tea, so, anyone has any comic recs? What should I read? Other than those two, I've only read a couple of graphic novels (Sandman, Watchmen, a couple of others) and tv shows related comics...

~ Leverage. There's not a single episode where I don't think the beginning (the intro and when they show who's been ~wronged) is the corniest thing ever. Then the episode happens and I enjoy it so much I forget its corniness till the next week. It's all in the family dynamics; give me a show that fully embraces family dynamics, and I'm sold.

~ Which brings me to Warehouse 13! )

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