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There's something about what they have been doing in the last half of the season that I don't entirely like. I feel at times like we are being cheated out of important emotional moments and character development in favor of plot twists. The pregnancy, learning Peter took killing bad guys as a hobby hindering a federal investigation in the meantime, getting over the many, MANY trust issues getting into a relationship with Peter should bring up (cause it's not just about the Altivia debacle, Olivia does not open up easily, never has).
It does not bother me much, but I don't love this half of the season as much as I loved the first half.

- The animated part? Farscape did it WAY better. Plus it seemed just a way to have William Bell without having Leonard Nimoy and not even in a cool way as Belly-Olivia was. It seemed lazy, like they could not figure out any other way to tell the story.
- I'm sure Astrid does not get paid nowhere near what she should earn to put up with the shit she does in a regular basis. I always imagine her on her free days, talking to friends/family and trying to explain how her week was without sounding totally bonkers. It can be easy to explain she spent the day babysitting herhigh-on-LSD coworkers.
- The part with Peter looking into Olivia's eyes and ~KNOWING it wasn't her?? BLEH. I thought it was over the top, as if they were trying to tell me that the fact that he didn't know it was Altivia who came back is over now cause he recognizes her in a drug-induced pseudo-dream. I buy that Olivia would want to be in a relationship with Peter even after all the heartache, but I don't believe for a second that trusting him again would not be hard work. It's like they want them to be in a ~perfect relationship for the finale, possibly to amplify the heartbreak that will come from whatever it is they are cooking up (I'm spoiler free, but something heartbreaking will go down for sure).

Parks and Recs was lovely. At the beginning of the ep I didn't think it would be, but they pulled it off beautifully. As I said on twitter, I want Ron Swanson to be my life coach. I also feel like pointing the Castle writers to the ep so they have an example to follow on how you draw subtle parallelisms between the different storylines in an episode. That said, I LOVED the last scene in Castle's last episode.

In book related news, I may have read Tina Fey's "Bossypants" in less than a day. I like her (and respect her) more than I did, and it was an awful lot. It's smart, touching and laugh out loud funny (there may have been tears of laughter once or twice) and it has love letters to Amy Poehler, made up words and lovely tidbits about the behind-the-scenes of both SNL and 30 Rock. If you like her/like her sense of humor the slightest bit, you won't be disappointed.

Game of Thrones. I think I will watch it, if only because I'm expecting half of my flist to post about it and I've noticed lately that sadly, peer pressure works wonders on me. I have to say though, that even though I liked the [first] book, I didn't love it. I found that every time I really started to care about a character (when I say care, I'm actually saying becoming obsessed enough to keep reading instead of going to sleep) and its storyline, the POV would change and 50 pages would pass without knowing anything else about him/her. I find this similar to finding out that the show you are *really* getting into will only air reruns for the next three weeks. It makes my obsession lose momentum.

And to finish, here's a video of a little penguin being tickled. You are welcome.

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