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1) Lately, I find myself wanting to read fics of fandoms I'm not really that into. Mostly, Castle and The Big Bang Theory.

The first one I enjoy, but I don't get very fannish about it (although I do enjoy how excited people that are fannish about it get. If that makes any sense). And yet, there's something super enjoyable about good fics where you get a thousand possibilities of how they'll get together. It reminds me a bit of XF *sniff*

The Big Bang Theory. I'm so over the show it's ridiculous. It has reached a point where I really don't care about any of the characters and their zero development over the years. Granted, it was never I show I watched for the epic characterization (hi Penny, still with no last name after five years), but lately it just doing things that make me uncomfortable. Still, there are A LOT of Penny/Sheldon fics out there and most of them are amazing to the point where I like them way more than the show.

2) In general, UGGHH Fringe, why are you like this??

- I think it's safe to say that Red!Verse Olivia has officially become my favorite Olivia (when she takes that shot? UNF FOREVER). Any episode with her is better, specially since the Original Olivia has been reduced to Love Interest. IUGH.

- Speaking of which: there aren't words to express how much I dislike all the narrative about how the Olivia with the romantic relationship is the "better" one. It's so insulting for every other relationships she's ever had (which include a mother-daughter relationship, friendships, and a number romantic entanglements), all of which ~pale~ in the face of true love. IUGH. I get that at the end that's what she was going to choose, Peter/Olivia has been the endgame from the very beginning, but I would have liked, at the very least, for her to be more torn about throwing a life away. I would even have had enough if we'd had a character telling her what a terrible thing it was to do that to the people in her life, how very selfish it actually is. I mean, that scene where she returns the thingy Lincoln had from his partern... I don't see how someone as empathic as Olivia can be okay with doing that to basically everyone in her life on a regular basis.

- Peter/Olivia. I've always been on the fence, and the same way I was okay with it when it was something obviously good for Olivia, I'm disliking it a lot when it makes one Olivia get rid of another Olivia. Also, kisses with twirling an camera around you, I am SO over you.

- Lincoln Lee, you wonderful, beautiful person. I'm a bit sad you are getting cockblocked at every turn and how very sad this makes you, but I have faith in Altivia.

- I've read ~on the internet that maybe RedVerse Lincoln is not dead. It was a very anticlimactic death, and one of the last things he says is something like"Who knew we were transporting him? We have to find out." He is high enough in the command chain to be able to pull it off and every other significant death has been very in your face (Charlie, shot through the head, Broyles left half of his body behind, John became jello...). So, I still have faith. Plus, when he comes back he can have hot I-though-you-were-dead-you-idiot-don't-ever-do-that-to-me-again sex with Altivia :D (That pic she takes from his locker! ALL THE FEELINGS). I'm also not opposed AT ALL to Altivia & Lincoln working their unrequited ~FEELINGS for their counterparts through very hot sex. Please, somebody get to it.

3) Still rewatching Farscape and Friends. HEARTS FOREVER.

4) The other day at the office during lunch someone mentioned how they didn't bring their books with them when they moved and so they didn't have any books AT ALL since then. More than three years ago. I mentally clutched my pearls in a very dramatic fashion. On a related note, there aren't as many torrents for ebooks as I thought there would be so... does anyone know where to get them? HELP ME, FLIST, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE.

5) PSA: Livejournal has *finally* implemented a cut for spoilers.

I think it comes many years too late, if only because most of the fandom seems to have moved to lurkerdom and/or Tumblr, but hey, better late than never. Plus, it can actually be very useful for those few who still post talking about different shows. When you use many lj-cuts to separate by topics, the choice you actually have is to read or not to read the whole thing. Once you click you cannot avoid being able to read what was included in the other lj-cuts.

The new tag is used the same way as the lj-cuts, but instead of "lj-cut", it's "lj-spoiler". It looks like HUGE SPOILER YOU DIDN'T WANT TO READ!!.

It's quite nifty, if i may say so. Now we only need people to use it.

(Also, all this knowledge comes via [personal profile] samej who explains it better and in Spanish over here)