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Long time, no see.

1) Months after it leaked, I finally read the script for the pilot of Sorkin's new show. He may do the same thing over and over again, but he does it better than anyone else. I'm really, really glad it's getting done in HBO.

2) I've been rather obesessed with focused on Criminal Minds. Luckily for you, instead of vomiting all my ~FEELINGS~ and many thoughts about the show over here, the lovely [personal profile] bowlerhatgirl has enabled me in many mails and a ridiculous long thread of comments in my previous post. You really should thank her.

- I still love a MILLION pairings in this show and I'm pretty in love with the dynamics and with certain character arcs. IN LOVE, I tell you. The only two people I may not ship are Garcia & Morgan, and that's only because it's the most perfect friendship ever and I don't want it to ever change. They actually have been doing a good job this season balancing the cases (which sadly, are nowhere as good as they once were) and the character development of everyone in the team.

- ALL THE SADNESS about Paget leaving. I get it, and I'm not that surprised, but goddammit, Prentiss is my favorite character in the show and her arc in the sixth season was so fucking flawless.

I'm a bit worried that her exit this time won't live up to what we got in Lauren, and it'll be such a disappointment. After much thinking (not really), I think I'd be happiest if she left for personal reasons, as opposed to a new job. The main issue for me is that she's not at BAU because of the job, but because the team is her family, and so to give that up for something else, it would have to be something she values more than family. Another job is not that, at all, and after all the Lauren arc and her return, I don't think the team are anything but her #1 priority.

Burnt out would be too much like Elle and Gideon, so I don't like that option, although I think after the arc we've had they could make it make sense.

A relationship would count as personal, but other than the team, she's not close to anyone else, and in six months I won't buy she's invested in a relationship with someone new enough to leave her job/life. So that leaves leaving the team because she's with someone in the team (which accounts as a long term relationship). That I wouldn't mind, because behind the scenes she'd still be part of the family. I don't think it'll happen though.


3) Said obsession focus has been significant enough to make me attempt to write fic. This is not that weird cause every once in a while I will forget that I'm a reader, not a writer, have an idea that won't leave me alone and end up writing it, only to end up unfinished in an Word doc in my laptop.

This time around, I have something that's on the long side (for my low standars) and mostly finished. Not sure if I'll publish it, cause even though I'm really proud of having managed to get ~10k words, quality-wise I still have my doubts and I'm way past that number of re-reads where words just stop making sense; I mean, it may just be as crappy as anything else I've written, only longer. We'll see.

4) I watched Huff. Started it because I really enjoy the things Paget Brewster does with her face, stayed because it turned out to be fucking good. Also, I'm still not sure how being that good, I hadn't even heard about it. Flist, you disappoint. I also will tell you that it's weird to discover that Hank Azaria, aka Chief Wiggum, Moe Szyslak and Apu's voice, is actually quite attractive.

5) I'm rewatching Farscape. Or at least starting to, I'm only up to 1x12 (The Flax!!!). It's been too damn long since I watched the show and I had actually forgotten that there are some good episodes in this season. I'm so used to telling people that the show picks up at the end of the first season that I had completely forgotten not all the beginning of the season is Jeremiah Crichton-like.

(why yes, I'm still using Tumblr, although I still don't understand why -- or how -- people attempt to have fandom discussions on it. )

6) I feel it's my duty to share this with the world. I also need someone to put it in practice and record it/tell me all about it. You are welcome.