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I have a Tumblr account.

I'm not sure how it happened as I've been restraining myself from getting an account for months (with the old arguments of "no, you don't need somewhere else to waste your life away" and "it's just a new source of unwanted spoilers"). And yet, Sunday morning, still half-sleep drinking my coffee in front of my laptop, and BAM, account created. It has made me start tinkering again in Photoshop , though I'm still not sure if that's a good or a bad thing . We'll see.

TV shows! They are back!! Super brief comments on almost everything:

- The Good Wife was amazing ).

- Community )

- Doctor Who )

- Castle and The Big Bang Theory were their usual selves. How I Met Your Mother cracked me up )

- Lost Girl has become surprisingly less sucky, almost regularly entertaining )

- I'm watching Up All Night. It feels a bit like a waste of Maya Rudolph, but I'm giving it time. The fact that it has Will Arnett playing someone normal and interacting regularly with a baby doesn't hurt. Also, his voice. GUH. And I've always liked Christina Applegate.

- Park and Recreation keeps being glorious. Every. Single. Week. More so when it has Amazing guest stars.

- Modern Family. I still think it's quite overrated )

- The Olivia Show Fringe. FEELINGS )

- I've also finally caught up with Downton Abbey ).

tl;dr ---> Watch The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation

And while I wait for DA's download, here's a video of nuns learning self-defense (spoiler alert: they use rosaries as defense tools and crucifixes to ~finish their enemies)
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Fringe feelings. Mixed ones. )

On other non-Fringe related TV news, Parks and Rec continues to be amazing each week and Community was seven kinds of AWESOME (at least three of those seven were thanks to how awesome Annie was).

I've installed Firefox 4 and in it has changed the order of "Open in a new tab" and "Open in a new window" in the context menu. I may end up throwing my laptop through the window, that's how frustrated it's making me.

Most amusing neurological disorder, yes or yes?

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