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1) Lately, I find myself wanting to read fics of fandoms I'm not really that into. Mostly, Castle and The Big Bang Theory )

2) Fringe )

3) Still rewatching Farscape and Friends. HEARTS FOREVER.

4) The other day at the office during lunch someone mentioned how they didn't bring their books with them when they moved and so they didn't have any books AT ALL since then. More than three years ago. I mentally clutched my pearls in a very dramatic fashion. On a related note, there aren't as many torrents for ebooks as I thought there would be so... does anyone know where to get them? HELP ME, FLIST, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE.

5) PSA: Livejournal has *finally* implemented a cut for spoilers )
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On Fringe )

Parks and Recs was lovely. At the beginning of the ep I didn't think it would be, but they pulled it off beautifully. As I said on twitter, I want Ron Swanson to be my life coach. I also feel like pointing the Castle writers to the ep so they have an example to follow on how you draw subtle parallelisms between the different storylines in an episode. That said, I LOVED the last scene in Castle's last episode.

In book related news, I have read "Bossypants" )

And to finish, here's a video of a little penguin being tickled. You are welcome.

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