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I don't think I'll ever get tired of this city. Or its theatre.

- I went to see "The Children's Hour" which, even though I liked it quite a lot, I didn't expect to be so heartbreakingly sad. The whole cast was really good, specially Elisabeth Moss and Bryony Hannah. Keira Knightley was ok, pretty, but as thin as she appears to be in pics (well, thin and flat, girl has no ass). At the backstage door Keira was accosted by paparazzi and in a hurry, so she didn't stop long. Elisabeth Moss and Ellen Burstyn were both lovely.

- Next day was the turn for Smash!, a comedy, which was quite welcome after The Children's Hour (have I mentioned it's fucking SAD?); Tom Conti (who is one of those actors that look familiar but you don't why) was hilarious and Richard Schiff is Richard Schiff *insert hearts*.

- On Monday, drama again with "In a forest, dark and deep". I was expecting it to be much more dramatic, to be honest. Both Olivia Williams and Matthew Fox were very good, he unexpectedly so. They have to be to carry a play of almost two hours without interruption with just two people. I think it's one of those plays in which you understand acting choices better the second time you see it. They were both super nice at the backstage door (which wasn't nowhere near as crazy as I thought it'd be, Losties, I'm disappointed), dedicating programs and taking pictures with everyone. Matthew was very polite (and as pretty as he could possibly be with the weird facial hair he has for the play), and Olivia was just extremely nice.

It was a good weekend. God bless day seats (and their prices).

Fringe, aka the only show that manages to get my flist to update with episode reactions

I don't know how I feel about all the kid stuff. I mean, it's good that they have it out of the way (I thought they would deal with it for the rest of the season, JUST 4 EPISODES OMG), but it also means that we miss pregnant Olivia or emotionally!confused due to unexpected feelings!Olivia. It also feels like she's a half alien biological daughter away from catching up to Scully in ways she can be violated. And Olivia is just on season 3.

I appreciated the parallelism with the case from season 1 with the accelerated pregnancy (which I did not remember until someone from my flist mentioned it), but I find kind of upsetting the fact that it all was done to remove the choice from her. For a moment I thought it was just Brandon who was going behind Walternet's back regarding the no experiments on children ban, but the fact that it was Walternet's idea is worse. And it does not bode well for Olivia, he's gonna get more controlling as time goes by.

And yes, I may have said out loud "I SHIP THEM" in the Lincoln/Altivia scene. It's ridiculous how very awesome the alt team has become. As in, i would totally read fic about the three of them, with Charlie and Olivia being bros, and Lincoln being very smart and a dork and bit in love with Olivia. Dammit, it's gonna be awful when they are gone :(

I've heard there's WANK in the fandom, which doesn't surprise me. It seems the kind of fandom where no matter what happens, there will be wank. I've also heard there's a Big Spoiler out there. Is it the name of the rest of episodes? I don't specially want to know, but if that's it, it does not seem that big of a deal (even though the finale title DOES make you theorize).

I caught up on Parks and Rec, in spite its terrible Pilot which almost made me, for the second time, not watch the rest (I watched the Pilot ages ago, decided it was too much like The Office). This time I trusted my flist and the quality points I give anything with Amy Phoeler and Rashida Jones. General thoughts:

- Oh, Leslie. You won me over when you carried the two penguins in baby car seats so they could be gay-married in another zoo. I love that she's so damn competent and better at her job than the rest of all City Hall together. I love her relationship with Ann it's loving and believable and not centered around guys, thank god. And with Ron. I find this show ridiculously good at maintaining the relationship between the different characters, specially the ones that are not romantic (most of them). The characters don't fee like an afterthought or a punchline as they did many times in The Office. And there's awesome continuity in everyone's storylines.
- I find Ron Swanson terribly compelling. Even attractive at times, god help me. I do not understand it.
- I also find endearing as hell every time April and her perennial sour face has to try not to smile because of something Andy did. And April&Ron are fantastic together.
- Tom is the only one I don't like. I don't care deep down you are not that sleazy, just the fact that you try so hard to be that guy because you consider it cool is enough to dislike you.
- Donna. She is such a pimp.
- And Andy is like a big puppy. It's one of those guys I would like despite knowing that in the long run he would be no good. He's that adorable.
- There's a surprising amount of good fic in this fandom. Good to know.

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