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1) I'm still rewatching Farscape. I've finished the first season and GUYS, FARSCAPE --> *HEARTS*.

It gives me as many feelings as it did the first time around, maybe even more, because now I know what's coming. Like, in "A Human Reaction", which is so fantastic I don't have words, I found myself oohh-ing and aww-ing about the fact that it is the first time someone mindfrells Crichton (also, the first time he's frelled in the purest sense of the word).

And Ben Browder, and his beautiful, beautiful face *SWOONS*. I swear it's distracting at times. And the evolution of Claudia's hair from untamed mane to glorious cape I covet is also a thing of beauty. Also, her everything, including the ridiculous chemistry she has with Ben.

There really isn't much I'm not loving (all over again) at this point. I'm more and more convinced that John/Aeryn is the most perfect ship arc of them all. And all the rest of the relationships... John and Chiana are beautiful from the very beginning, D'Argo and Aeryn and their ~warrior~ connection, D'Argo and John being best bros and using Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide, Aeryn and Pilot... I'd just have to list them all. OH, SHOW.

Long story short, I'm being hit by the LOVE all over again. I highly recommend it.

2) There's terrible, depressing shit currently going on against women in many, many countries. Hence, THE TOTALLY IMPROMPTU FESTIVAL OF AWESOME LADIES.

3) What's going on with Gillian Anderson lately? She's everywhere, doing things that have nothing to do with promoting her movies/tvshows, and she's become super!talkative and comfortable with the press (past girlfriends!!!!!11). I mean, it's about time after close to 20 years on the spotlight, but I still find it very disconcerting. Awesome, but disconcerting.

4) The Hunger Games doesn't premiere here until the 20th of April, even in cinemas where they don't show the dubbed version. BLEH. I hate whoever's responsible for this. Also, Tumblr for getting me all excited about it.

5) Also in my Tumblr dashboard: TWW love. I approve wholeheartedly.

6) Very brief thoughts on tv-shows:
- The Good Wife gives me ~FEELINGS~ and still is the best show on tv right now. I'm really, really glad it's renewed.
- I want Amy Farrah Fowler to dump Sheldon's ass So. Bad. That relationship reached levels in that last episode that made me almost uncomfortable and super sad for Amy. Can she just date Raj?
- Britta was kind of awesome in last weeks Community, wasn't she?
- Once Upon a Time. The Dreamy episode did me in, it was that terrible. Lately the only thing that kept me interested was Snow&Charming being cute and pretty, but the cringing during the rest has become too much. Maybe I'll catch up in the summer, when I have more time and less tvshows to watch? :/

- Fringe. I swear every time I start to really like Peter/Olivia they go and do something that makes take two steps back. Which is a pity, but, whatever, I don't really care that much.

You'd think I would have learnt not to try to make sense of the mytharcs with XF...but, I had a thought: theoretically, the event that sent everything to hell was the Observer interrupting Walter in the redverse and thus preventing him from finding that Peter's cure, right? Then that means that in an unscrewed perfect world, Peter should have lived in the redverse and Walter wouldn't have crossed over, universes wouldn't have been broken, etc. Then, the only Olivia Peter would have been able to meet in that scenario would have been Altivia, and the only possible baby would be the same one already conceived (and erased), wouldn't it? But the Observer told Peter that he had a son with the wrong Olivia? Then how do Peter and Olivia get together in the unscrewed timeline? Does that mean that the Observers existence depends on someone (Olivia, most probably) crossing universes (and thus being experimented on as a child) at some point but in a scenario where they have not been broken by Walter's crossing?

7) You'd think I'd be over getting all-capsy over this show by now, but NO --> GUYS, THE X-FILES.

Transcript from 8x19 - Alone:

Leyla Harrison: Can I ask you something?
Mulder: Sure.
Leyla Harrison: When you went to Antarctica to save Agent Scully from being taken by that spaceship and you ran out of gas in your Sno-cat. How did you get back?
Scully: Um, well, first of all, it was never actually proven that it was a spaceship…
Mulder: It wasn’t?
Scully: Well, no, what happened was that we fell off of something that…
Mulder: Something?
Scully: …that rose out of the ice.
Mulder: Well what do you think that was?
Scully: Well, I don’t know what it was. But we never got, we didn’t actually get to see a spaceship.
Mulder: I can’t believe that you’re saying it’s not a spaceship.
Scully: Well, it couldn’t have been a spaceship.
Mulder: ‘Course it was a spaceship.
Scully: Well, we don’t know it was a spaceship. But you don’t have a picture of it or anything.
Mulder: You know it was a spaceship. You saw it.
Scully: No, no, no, no, remember, I was unconscious and when I woke up there was no spaceship.
Mulder: Now, come on, Scully. It was a spaceship.
Scully: Mulder, n-n-n-no. And you were frozen, and I hugged you until you weren’t frozen anymore…

"and I hugged you until you weren’t frozen anymore…"

"and I hugged you until you weren’t frozen anymore…"

"and I hugged you until you weren’t frozen anymore…"

THAT SENTENCE. It's so PERFECT for them, and so pretty and HEARTS IN MY EYES FOREVER AND EVER. I mean, the whole scene is adorbs, but that right there at the end, icing on the cake.

The dramatic thing is, I didn't know it existed. Not the scene but the ending. Like at all. In the video (which I found a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to do so again), you can hear it at the very end, when the voices are fading away and the camera is on Doggett. If you don't know what to listen for, chances are you wouldn't understand what she's saying, but once you hear it, it's impossible not to.

I love that a fandom I've been in for... twelve years (!!) at least can still make me this excited all over again :_)
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