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~ How awesome was the first episode of Leverage this week? Very, very awesome.

There were so many little details I loved. I think that the fact that there wasn't more than a kiss on the cheek between Hardison&Parker made it SO much better. It was all about the emotional stuff, and anything other than that kiss on the cheekwould probably have eclipsed it a bit. Then again, the kiss was seven kinds of lovely, so.
I LOVED that Sophie is the one Parker asks about ~feelings, I love that she's only able to see "You are my friend and I need you" when it's obviously so much more. I adored the hug between Hardison and Eliot. ADORED. It was such a good hug. And I loved that he didn't hug with Parker. Her reaction was so perfect, that moment when suddenly the adrenaline effects just go away.

At times I resent the fact that (as with any procedural) we only get to have these type of scenes every 6-7 episodes.

~ Warehouse 13. This week's ep was ok, but last week's was AMAZING. Everything is better with H.G.

- I *love* Jamie Murray as H.G. LOVE. I remember thinking back when I saw her in Dexter, that the role would be awesome for Claudia Black, and ever since, I've associated Jaime and her roles, to "roles Claudia didn't get". Not with H.G. (ALSO, HER GLORIOUS HAIR)
- THE ANGST. You see, I'm an angst whore, so all the unconfortable conversations, the longing glances and pained gestures are so up my alley it's ridiculous.
- I'm so torn about the possible spin-off. On one hand, it's more H.G. which will Always be awesome but on the other hand, if she's flirting her way through Victorian England, then she's not having complicated and angsty relationships in the Warehouse13...
- Plot-wise, I'm a bit confused about the timeline... Supposedly, H.G. lost Christina, and then proceed to work for years in the Warehouse, having faith that by tinkering with artifacts and the progress of technology, she would be able to undo what happened to Christina? Is that it? And then when she saw that with the time machine she couldn't do it, she started to lose it, did awful things to the guys that killed her daughter, then was caught and bronced? I would actually find that very interesting as a the base plot of the spin-off... (also, Stephen Fry could play Oscar Wilde)
- I loved that Claudia missed H.G. I want more scenes between those two where they pick each other's brains and have very geeky conversations about how technology changed in a century.
- Fandom-wise, I saw some comments where people bashed Pete for being a bit of a jerk to Helena. That pisses me off. For starters,anyone who bashes a character in order to irrationally defend his/her OTP, has no credibility whatsoever, and second... H.G hurt very deeply someone who Pete considers his best friend, and to that you have to add his issues... how the hell was he supposed to react if not like that?

- Best. Video. Ever.

- There's this interview where the cast is talking about things people don't know about them, and Eddie McClintock shares that Joanne Kelly (who is there to confirm it) would have full sleeve tattoos if she weren't an actress. This intriges me greatly.

~ I've started (and almost finished) Modern Family. It has a great Pilot, but the rest of the time it barely entertains me. I mean, it has its moments, but I would not miss it if I stopped watching. Gloria does amuse me quite a bit, if only for the accent and the rants in Spanish. Phil 's too much like a domestic Michael Scott to really amuse me.

~ Everything that has been going on in Madrid these days makes me terribly sad. There's such lack of respect from absolutely everyone...
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