Aug. 5th, 2011 12:05 am
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~ So, I have two weeks of holidays and my holidays plans fell through. I have decided that spending said time playing "Dragon Age: Origins" is a more than acceptable substitute. Clearly my life is going in the right direction. ALSO, HAI CLAUDIA BLACK, AS I MISS YOU GREATLY ON MY TV, YOUR VOICE IN VIDEO GAMES WILL HAVE TO DO FOR NOW

~ A friend of mine recced a couple of Batman comics to me, "The Long Halloween", which left me very unimpressed and not liking Batman any better, and "Year One", which I did like. I still think Batman is just not my cup of tea, so, anyone has any comic recs? What should I read? Other than those two, I've only read a couple of graphic novels (Sandman, Watchmen, a couple of others) and tv shows related comics...

~ Leverage. There's not a single episode where I don't think the beginning (the intro and when they show who's been ~wronged) is the corniest thing ever. Then the episode happens and I enjoy it so much I forget its corniness till the next week. It's all in the family dynamics; give me a show that fully embraces family dynamics, and I'm sold.

~ Which brings me to Warehouse 13!

- I *love* the concept of the show. It's so cool to me that objects that belonged to important people through history would actually have power themselves. The dork in me also thinks that making up the objects and their powers would make one entertaining game (this idea was brought to you by the same dork who once managed to convince two other dorks to play "guess what this word I've just found in the encyclopedia means")

- I love Pete&Myka. It's refreshing that the show has decided to go full-on brother/sister instead of trying to play the UST card. In my old age, I've come to think that non-romantic relations are more and more undervalued both in tv and in the fandom, which is a damn pity if you ask me.

- That said, I have never shipped Myka and Pete as hard as when they swapped bodies. In general I just like them better as BFF, but I wouldn't mind if they were the endgame. But in this episode... there was something about them in that scenario that just worked for me (and the sexytimes they'd have while body swapped would be Amazing). Also, kudos because it was a very honorable attempt at that trope; I mean, it wasn't Farscape's "Out of their Minds", but it was good.

- I like Myka A LOT, probably because she's basically as dorky as they come and she makes funny faces. I also like Pete and I'm actually surprised I'm not bothered by how much of a 12 year old he usually is. And as I'm shallow as hell sometimes, the fact that they are both easy on the eye (aka ridiculously pretty), does not hurt.

- Actually, I like everyone in this show. I'm a bit indifferent to Leena and I'm not always Artie's biggest fan, but in general, yeah.

- H.G. Wells. First, I LOVED that they made him a her. Second: I was super prepared to be very objective on the H.G./Myka shipping, as in, let's try to form an opinion before going by default to the one my fllist has. Turns out, there really was no need (and as expected, my flist was right). The Myka&H.G. was great from the very beginning (in part because I think H.G is super!interesting and we've already established that I like Myka), but if then you add the lack of personal space they seem to have with one another, the ~confidence time!, and the subtle hand-holding-with-a-thumb-caress while Myka's ~time-travelling... It's really not that hard to get me to ship characters I like.

- I also loved how it all fell apart. I loved what it did to Myka and I love that at the end of the day, H.G. is just someone who was broken ant that has spent the last hundred years grieving the loss of her daughter, obsessed with trying to change it instead of learning how to live with it. I'm a sucker for damaged characters.

- I think they are Doing It Right in the third season. I love dork!Myka at his dad's store, I *adored* her scene with HG (I'm a bit in love with Jaime Murray's delivery of a couple of lines in that scene, IN LOVE), I cried with laughter at Pete's "No charge, ladies!", and I found incredibly touching that he would show Myka the food in his mouth on her first day back (it was the perfect "welcome home"). Jinks seems to have fit right in, which is not easy in dynamics so well established; I like him with Claudia, and I loved the Claudia&Artie stuff in 3x02.

- JERI RYAN, you lovely, lovely woman. I hope the fact your character was a soldier means you will be back every once in a while to make Pete kind of uncomfortable and tell Myka embarrassing stories of his younger years. Also, I'm thinking of watching Body of Proof, just for you. That's how I awesome I think you are.

- Kayle and Simon!!! <3

(and apparently, there isn't much I don't like/love in this show)

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