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+ I visited Switzerland (and a bit of France). Well, I actually visited [profile] rei_ who happens to be there. I saw bears, bought chocolate and lost a bit of my characteristic pallor. I also saw first-hand how ridiculous being heads over heels in a new relationship can turn an otherwise normal person. This makes me 90% deliriously happy for said person, 10% lonely (80-20, depending on the time of the month; not sure if it's one of my issues or just human nature). Oh, I also butchered the French language like I was getting paid to do it.

+ [profile] cuits wrote me a NCIS fic for the [community profile] help_japan. It's called "Action and Reaction", and it's my new canon as far as Ziva and Tony are concerned. It fixes the clusterfuck that is their characterization in the last season and it makes me (much) less rage-y about the show in general (none of which is an easy feat).

+ Talking about fic, [community profile] the_fic_filter is two posts away from its rec #300. It makes me kind of proud in a very silly way. We are even planning to do something ~different for post #300.

+ Game of Thrones.

Warning: I have read the first book and I'm up to date with the show. And that's it. This means that anyone who spoils me past that will face my wrath in as many creative ways I can think of.

I have to say that in general I'm liking the tv-show better than the book, probably because my main ~issue with the book is much more bearable on tv.

- I feel the casting in general is very good. I had my doubts about the Targaryen's dark eyebrows of doom and Catelyn Stark (who I couldn't help but cast as Cate Blanchet while I read), but they all seem to work. In any case, it's not something that keeps me awake at night.
- While reading the books, I liked Tyrion, HBIC Arya and Jon Snow best. It hasn't changed with the show and probably the only character I like any better is Jaime Lannister; and surprisingly enough it's not just because Nikolaj Coster-Walday looks Very Good in the role.
- And as I'm talking about people looking Very Good, please Jason Momoa, don't ever accept a role where you have to a) wear a shirt and b) look civilized.
- I LOVE The Wall. In my mind it was nowhere near as impressive as it actually is so that was a pleasant surprise.
- I also was surprised by how fucking creepy Lysa Tully and son were. As in CREEPY.
- Lena Hedley. I love the woman, and even though I get why they picked her for Cersei, I still don't like her as a blonde. Like, at all. I also don't get all the fuss about Cersei, I just don't get it (and I'm saying this in a non sarcastic way). I don't understand the appeal of the character and I'm not sure if it's something I'm missing or if it's just a type of character that just doesn't float my boat. Somebody explain it to me? Pretty please?
- If you know Spanish, go read [personal profile] targaryen's reviews. THEY ARE HILARIOUS.

+ I've started watching The Wire. It's as good as they say it is. (Also, Broyles! And Henry the taxi driver!!)

+ The [profile] lots_pornbattle is accepting prompts. I'm trying to think of some of them, and turns out the only things that come to mind involve ~feelings. THIS WORRIES ME GREATLY.

+ Good Girls Gone Geek are doing a re-read of The Sandman. This is a fabulous excuse to put to good use the gorgeous Absolute Sandman editions I bought. They put very nicely why everyone should read it and I even offer to share the whole thing if anyone's interested (not my re-reading it, which I may also share, but the comic).

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