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LOL, did they just erase Peter??

Things I liked:

- Olivia, being the boss, having superpowers and dressing like the HBIC she is --> UNF
- Peter & Olivia's kitchen. It looked awesome.
- Ella! I liked that we got to see her at least a bit during this season, it's a nice detail. It's such a pity she hasn't appeared more.
- Killing Olivia. It sounds weird, but I find kind of refreshing to have a TV death so straightforward and normal. Most of the time when someone dies on TV it's always the result of this Very Convoluted Plan rather than a small unpredicted act of violence (which is all it takes to kill someone). Also, for a moment there I wasn't sure they weren't going to stay longer in the future and I was already composing in my mind a RAGE!post about how Fringe can't be Fringe without HBIC Olivia Dunham. You see, the lack of Peter makes me LOL, the lack of Olivia makes me RAGE. That right there sums up my feelings on Fringe.
- There was something so subtly different about older!Olivia. As usual, Anna Torv for all the awards, etc.
- I'm really looking forward to Olivia&Alt!iOlivia interacting. As in REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, specially now that Altivia has begun to question Walternet. In the last episode, when it seemed that Altivia was going to cross over, I was almost ~peeing myself with excitement at the prospect of the two of them working together. My kingdom for a fic where they have to spend time together having the unconfortable and inevitable conversations the insane curiosity about having an AU version of yourself would bring; also Altivia leering at Olivia just to fluster her.
- Astrid as a field agent, YAY!
- I think I'm also looking forward to what will change without Peter. Apparently the creators have said that even if all the Peter debacle hadn't happened, Walter and Belly still would have experimented with crossing universes, and so the same consequences could have happened. We'll see how much they change things. Also, if it means there's no baby in the altverse, it will officially become the biggest McGuffin in the history of ever (which would actually be a pity).
- Peter and Olivia were cute, althought they still have to convince me that they are OTPFOREVERANDEVER.

Thinks I didn't like:

- Astrid hair. Getting rid of those awesome curls should be punished by law.
- Using the extremely awesome Brad Durif for such a small and meaningless role. HASN'T ANYONE IN THE FRINGE CASTING DEPARTMENT SEEN LOTR OR BEYOND THE SEA (the X-Files ep)?? He's better than that.
- I have to say that I did not care much about the future scenario. I didn't love it last week, it bored me the tinest bit this week.
- Walter in jail with the beard. I get that they were going for the parallels with the first season, but it didn't work for me. Plus I don't completely understand how things are between him and Olivia & Peter. They don't visit, but then when they see each other it's all smiles and hugs?

So there, there are more things I liked that I didn't. But as has happened with the second part of the season, I haven't LOVED IT. Still better than most shows, though.

On other non-Fringe related TV news, Parks and Rec continues to be amazing each week and Community was seven kinds of AWESOME (at least three of those seven were thanks to how awesome Annie was).

I've installed Firefox 4 and in it has changed the order of "Open in a new tab" and "Open in a new window" in the context menu. I may end up throwing my laptop through the window, that's how frustrated it's making me.

Most amusing neurological disorder, yes or yes?

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